Birth Doula

Cheryl is a certified birth doula through DONA international.   She is also a part of the Rochester Doula Co-op. Cheryl truly believes that every woman deserves a doula and is excited to work with women and couples in Rochester embarking on an adventure toward parenthood. Cheryl uses her  training with in Dancing ForBirthTM , her skills with a rebozo, and so much more.

Cheryl adheres to the DONA standard for professional labor support, so she happily provides emotional support, informational support, physical support, advocacy, and partner support along with any other efforts that will better the woman's birthing experience. Cheryl works with women (and their partners, families and medical providers), and is happy to support home births as well as hospital births.  She empowers women to take ownership of their birth as the process transforms them into a Mom.

It has been found, by numerous studies, that the presence of a doula reduces the incidence of interventions and women are more satisfied with their birth experience.  There is also a positive effect on breastfeeding and bonding with the baby.  Cheryl believes that every woman deserves to be supported in labor and feels that even women who have a supportive partner can benefit from a doula because she can provide a type of experienced support that only adds to partner and family support.  As a doula, Cheryl will be happy to assist moms with their memorable experience- no matter what of support they already have.  She looks forward to bringing joy and positive professional female support to the labor rooms of more local women!

If you are interested in meeting with Cheryl, please feel free to contact her at or call (585) 204-0336. ( 20-40-DDM )