Dancin Doula Mamma home

Cheryl Johnson is the "Dancin Doula Mamma."  She started out as an Elementary school teacher, but decided to spend her energy on family.  She and her husband, David, have a wonderful four year old daughter, Annabelle and a one year old son, Isaac.  Cheryl now spends her days at home with Belle and Isaac.  It's a great life!
Having been empowered by the birth of her children, Cheryl now wants to help bring that experience to more women.  She is a birth doula and a certified Dancing For BirthTM. instructor.  Her hobbies include dancing, singing, sewing, water skiing, snowboarding, and more.  

Since Cheryl has always loved dance, and she is excited to bring this great tool into the lives and labor rooms of Rochester women!  Knowing that dance can provide a way for women to better understand and work with their bodies in birth, Cheryl is enthusiastic about sharing this useful tool with more women!